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What is a HiCard anyway?

What is a HiCard anyway? It’s a handy tool card, the size of a credit card, 2 mm thick. You can carry it in your purse or pocket as a ready helper in an emergency. It will be a loyal companion. At least one of our HiCards will certainly meet your needs. Or maybe they all suit you? Take your pick from among our little “Reliables” –  you won’t regret it.

Unsere Produkte

The Business Idea

Start-ups here and start-ups there – no matter where you look young business ideas sprout up. We are young, too, and felt we would like to get involved in the trend. We – Basti, Nicolas and Benni – had thought about some edc-gadgets; so on February 2, 2017 we decided to develop a tool card for HTL students [HTL being Austrian for Secondary Technical Schools]. For a very simple reason: Which HTL student does not know the situation when you have, once more, forgotten important tools at home and have to face your teacher’s well-known glance – a mixture of pity, sneer and resignation?

We are a group of just such students, industrial engineers of the HTL Bulme Graz, Austria. So we decided to design a “cheat sheet” for all forgetful students, a tool card with 18 functions in emergencies.
In due time, we considered variations on this original. And in the end we turned out five different versions of it.


Benjamin Greilberger

Co-Fouder, Purchase, Finance

Nicolas Pfob_edited.jpg

Nicolas Pfob

Co-Founder, Marketing


Sebastian Schlag

Co-Founder, Sales

We are 3 young HTL students, who immerse themselves with innovative ideas and full enthusiasm in the entrepreneurial world.

The Team behind HiCard

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